Thursday, June 15, 2017

Ami Thumi

The best thing about watching a movie is not knowing what it is about beforehand. Not having watched the trailers, I knew nothing of the cast, the story, the director...nothing. All I went by is the word going around.Therefore, Srinivas Avasarala's presence in the beginning of the movie, came as a pleasant surprise.
In fact, there are not one but three male leads, all having equal screen presence: Adivi Sesh, Srinivas Avasarala and Vennela Kishore. There is not much for the female leads in this movie.
Written and directed by Ashtma Chamma's director Mohan Krishna Indraganti, this movie, also a romantic comedy, falls in the same genre (of neat, small budget movies).
Adivi Sesh and Eesha are in love with one another. This is opposed by Eesha's father played by Tanikella Bharani because Sesh is an orphan. On the other hand, Srinivas, Tanikella's son is in love with Aditi, who is the daughter of Kedar Shankar, Tanikella's arch rival. And therefore, Tanikella is opposed to both these alliances.
Vennella Kishore's proposal to Eesha comes as a great relief to Tanikella as he is happy his daughter will get married into a rich household, not knowing that under the camouflage of opulence, Vennella Kishore's family is in deep debt and looks toward this alliance to redeem their lost riches.
The director uses the name Maya like he had used Mahesh before, to create confusion. Eesha uses this confusion to get the right pair married to each other.
Music is a pleasant plus to this movie. The background score is soothing and no where jarring. There are (thankfully) only two songs. The third one is a medley of old songs, done very charmingly by Srinivas Avasarala.
On the surface it looks like the movie copies Ashta Chamma, but the story is different.
Srinivas Avasarala has a great comic timing but he has close competition with Vennela Kishore who is simply brilliant in this movie. Despite his portrayal of a person from a highly sophisticated background, he gets conned by Eesha and her cook (an insuppressible Shyamala Devi). Tanikella Bharani, always a great actor, throws himself into his role with a great abandon as he sings and dances around gleefully at the prospect of getting his daughter married to a person of his choice.
On the minuses, it lacks the balance of a substantial role for the female leads (miss the spunk of a Colors Swathi). The story could have been crisper. Adivi Sesh, is good at acting and is good looking too but appears a bit too thin. The meaning and relevance of the title seems delusive.
All in all, a simple story which keeps you smiling throughout.
A 3/5 from me. Do watch. All your tensions of the real world will be forgotten for the 128 minutes it runs. 

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Daily tit-bits: June 2017

Went to Shopper's Stop at GVK to exchange my kurtha after watching Bahubali.
And guess who I saw there? Sathya Krishnan, the hoarse voiced Anitha from Anand movie. She appeared so young without makeup! Google told me that she is 26 years old. Unbelievable as she plays roles mush older to her age.
2nd June 2017:
Went to watch Andagadu. Had always watched Raj Tarun's movies on TV. Went to the theater as there were no other good movies playing. Second, encouraged by Raj Tarun's energetic performances, expected something from this. The movie didn't know whether it wanted to be a comedy, a romantic or a spooky one. Though to the hero's credit, he holds up in all three avatars. A 2.5/5 from me.
Trying to be a Andagadu isn't about a swollen face and eyes and a neatly combed hair. Needs a better makeover.
Watched Chandamama Kathalu (2014). Beautiful movie! Am going to review it.
Also watched Attack (2016). Watched a Ram Gopal Varma after many years. Glad to see that he hasn't lost his touch. Quite ingenuously directed, Manchu Manoj playing the protagonist.
The previous movie by Manchu Lakshmi and this one by Manchu Manoj shows that the brother-sister duo are good at selecting good stories.
6th June 2017
Cleaned window frames. Got a cold again. Dust allergy persists. Despite his professed treatment, the doctor has done nothing to cure me of my allergy.
The first rainfall and an end to Summer 2017! The roaring 40s to mild 30s...what a drop! Weather is delicious with rains during nights and clouds during day.
The early onset of summer from March itself had me groaning at the endless hot days.
But every bad/good day has to end one day.
9th June 2017
Watched Coffee with D (2017). Hadn't thought of it much when the movie was released. Not really expecting much from an established comedian playing a hero. But was pleasantly surprised to see a decent performance by Sunil Grover in a non-comic role The story was different and had a good potential to be great but lost its footing somewhere with a slip-shod direction.
Visited Ruci & Idoni and Coffee Cup last week.
Ruci & Idoni big name but no show. Had ordered a starter which was okay and a pizza which was served with fried onions sprinkled on top! Pizza-biryani?
Coffe Cup: We ordered a veggie platter. Taste was ok ok but was so oily! The main dish of  sizzler was also pretty average. The vegetables were well-cooked but no sizzle in the sizzler. But like always, keeping upto its name, the coffee there was outstanding! No comparison to be found in Hyderabad.

Eating lot of ripe mangoes...almost one a day. Scared of increase in sugar levels :(
11th June
Went to visit a friend in hospital. Took some food along. Hospitals arent a nice place to be in...
12th June
Watched Srirasthu Subhamasthu (2016). Allu  Sirish has attempted a commercial role after his 'hatke' roles in his earlier movies. The story started decently enough but then soon lost track and was hurriedly concluded after going round in circles. A 2.5/ 5 from me.
13th June:
Woke up to the sound of inverter going 'kiiiii... kiiiii'. Battery drained it seems. Called a couple of electricians to get it cleaned and have distilled water filled. Wish I could do it myself without having to wait for them to come home. Realized two things: nothing ever runs forever without maintenance; two: have become so used to having 24/7 power that even those few minutes of living without power, especially the internet is so suffocating!
15th June 2017:
Just like that without a thought or plan went to watch Ami Thumi. 60/- for auto after haggling with two more drivers who had quoted 80 and 100/- respectively. Liked this light hearted movie.
Had gone without a thought for lunch. And when I saw that it was 9.5 kms from Cinepolis, Malakajgiri to Paradise, booked a cab which came for 73/- Directly went to Pizza den. The pizzas which were priced 90/- just a couple of years ago are now 140/-! Thankfully, the taste remains the same. Next went to my favorite Mamta Sweet house and bought a couple of samosas. And for the first time, went to Pardise Cafe and had their tea. Awesome at 12/- So thankful I didn't go for the 110/- priced coffee at the Cinepolis. Would they have been able to match this taste? I doubt it.
Walking provides you the freedom to stop and shop wherever you want. Exploited this to the full by shopping at China Bazar to buy a plastic sieve for 40/-. And most important went to Hong Kong market and finally bought a back cover for my mobile. Getting one for a 3 year phone is difficult these days. 3 years is considered old :( .But Honk Kong market has everything related to mobiles ;)
he said 150. I said 100. He said 'Done' and slipped the cover on. Should I have asked for a lower price?
16th June:
Went to Big Bazar to pick up a few groceries as I had missed some when I went to Ratnadeep for my monthly shopping. A bill of 483/ for a handful of items and a waste of nearly two hours in commuting and buying.
Was still able to pick up a thothapuri mango for making menthi baddalu :) Going for an overdrive after having grossly missed out on the mango season last year.
Despite having topped it up and the battery showing signs of charging, the inverter still shows low battery ;( Hope it starts working properly soon.
17th-19th June
Was up the whole night with uneasiness of health. Some chest tightening, stomach churning. Sat up the whole night and a loss of appetite and feeling of weakness the next day.
Feeling much better today though no sleep last night once again. I need to keep myself physically more active and definitely see a doctor about the heel pain. Even simple walking in house leads to pain....despite two months of giving up walking. After two years I am putting on some weight. Initially it was good to see after having lost drastically for the last two years but if I dont do something fast, I will keep adding. getting rid of it then will be tough.
Saw Dhruva (2016), What a brilliant concept! So different from the usual shit churned out these days. A good actor would have raised the bar to its deserved heights. Would have gone to watch in the theaters if it was a different actor.
23rd June :
It is 5 days since I have been feeling well. Five days since I slept well. Have been sleeping at around 4-5 am everyday. The dust allergy is back and last night it didn't allow me to sleep till I inhaled the steam. Only after that was I able to breathe and go to sleep.
The best part is that the sugar levels are near normal despite five consecutive sleepless nights :)
Wrote this as Tubelight review without watching the movie and from the reviews I have been watching/reading, they are saying the same thing. That's how predictive our movies have become. Lol!

Watched "Little Boy" (2015) out of curiosity due to the hype created around "Tube-light" (2017).
Little Boy centers around an 8 year old boy and his belief in bringing back his father who has gone to war. This movie has a weak story line, is melodramatic, yet is heart-warming in parts.
In Tube-light, father-son bond is transformed into brothers' bond with Salman playing a goofy character (like in Bajrangi). 
Sure to mess up with the basic story line by turning it into an emotional Bollywood hyperbole.
Can't see how the innocence and beliefs of a child is transfered to an adult.

Had entrusted the task of making raagi mudde and raagi malt to others earlier. It used to take them forever to make it. Now that I have started preparing it myself, I am amazed at the speed with which I am able to prepare it so easily! Why it took them hours to prepare this is truly puzzling.
It is fortunate that I like raagi so much. It has so many health benefits. Feel good whenever I have it.
Planning on having raagi malt for dinner everyday.
24th June
Went out to get all miscellaneous chores done around home. Got 3 kgs of mota  rice for dosa, bread from Spencer's (like it there only), a curry to go with the biryani planned.
Unplanned was the scooter puncture :( Had parked in front of SBI to get curry from Santosh dhaba. When I drove it a few meters, felt the scooty wobble. Showed it to the puncturewala just around the corner and had to wait about 20 minutes till the puncture was done. Charged me 50/- for it.
I had first suspected that the puncture was done on purpose but then the tyre was in tact; the tube had a small hole as though it had worn out.
An ayurvedic doctor visited who spent quite sometime at my home. He was supposed to take care of my physical health but went into the details of my psychological issues. This was an unexpected outcome but made me feel good. Unraveling helps in a big way!
25th June
Finally made the biryani. Was so much craving for one. The ones at restaurants, perhaps good for their non-veg counterpart, are rather disappointing on the vegetarian fare.
Turned out pretty decent, Went the whole hog by frying all vegetables etc. like I used to prepare earlier i,e before I started preparing veg biryani. In combination with the paneer curry bought yesterday, it tasted awesome.
The downside is this deep craving for a meetha paan after eating biryani. Had do make do with the khajoor-paan in my fridge.
Watched a film called Mister (2017) starring Varun Tej, What a senseless movie! No story in it at all. 

Friday, May 26, 2017

Hindi Medium

I missed seeing many of Irfan Khan's earlier movies but make it a point to see most of them now. His mere presence brightens up the most mundane stories. So is the case with Hindi Medium, his latest offering.
Hindi Medium is a reflection of the competition these days between parents who are willing to go to any extent to get their kids admitted to the best schools and colleges.
The story starts with Irfan Khan, a retailer, effortlessly selling 'original' designs from top designers in India in the lanes of Chandini Chowk. He is threatened, emotionally blackmailed and coerced by his wife (Saba Qamar) into doing anything and everything for their daughter who would, if not educated in the best private school, grow up feeling inferior to others and  'end up taking drugs!'
However glib may Irfan be in his business skills, he sets them aside to cater to Saba's every whim and wish.
They move into posh premises as the best school mandates that they live close to the school. For Irfan Khan, the transition from Chandini Chowk to Vasant Vihar is not easy as he has to leave behind the house he grew up in. But they do it for the sake of their daughter.
Interesting and humorous are the moments when they try to adapt their life style to literally try to keep up with the joneses.
They seek a consultant whose business is to train the parents face the school interview. However well tutored, it cannot be hidden that Irfan Khan isn't the educated person he pretends to be. Hence the school admission is denied.
As they both sit depressed at this rejection, they are surprised to learn that the worker in their business was successful in getting his son admitted into the same school. When they learn that he got through in the poor quota, they prepare themselves to stay in the slums and apply through the poverty quota.
How Irfan manages to completely transform his body language to match that of a poor person is a pleasure to watch.
Mentionable is Deepak Dobriyal who, unbelievably, has been around since 2003. But this film is going to give him a recognition he has hankered for all along! He assumes that the couple has happened to fall on bad times and that they had once lived a good life. He is brilliant in training Irfan Khan on how to be poor. The moments spent in the slums are both hilarious and touching as they find solace in one another's depravity.
The movie was great till here. But then the convolutions that the story takes to make Irfan deal with guilt at passing off as a poor person to get a seat for his daughter seems rather contrived and couldn't really bring it to a logical conclusion.
The film runs for 133 minutes only but still needed to be padded up at times with the jokes about education commonly found on internet.
My thoughts, while watching this movie, were 'Thank God! We had the best schooling from the best teachers without getting into all this absurdity!'

I would go for a 3.5/5 for the performances of Irfan, Saba and Deepak and for the story bringing into focus the pathetic condition of education system in India.
Good movie. Go watch!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Daily tit-bits: May 2017

With a lull on the work front, been watching movies, plenty of them, online and in theaters. What I have been watching
 Nenu Local (2017): Nani: another badly selected movie. Ran in theaters but I'd rate it a mere 2.5/5, Nani is fast losing it.

Phillouri (2017)--Anushka Sharma: Ambitious but very childish plot with the ghost floating around funnily. 2/5 from me.

Antham (2016): Never even heard of this movie but this thriller was well-made and keeps you at the edge of your seat though the end seemed a bit contrived. Relatively unknown actors, Charan Deep, Rashmi Gautam give a decent performance. A 3.5/5 from me.

Premam (2016): All talk and no action. Though Nag has evolved a lot as an actor, the story held no water. Falling in love at three different stages in life has different ways of manifestation. The story had a great potential but a no show in terms of direction. A 2/5 from me.

Winner (2017): Intriguing story. Sai Dharam Tej shines again with his energy. A 3/5 from me for Sai and Jagpathi babu's powerful performances. The story is not strong enough to support such performances. But yes, have decided to go watch his movies in theaters instead of waiting for them to be released on TV.

Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo (2016): Naga Chiatanya: Action-Romance. Ok-ok A 2.5/5 from me.

Watched Shourya (Manchu Manoj) (2016). Liked it quite a bit...Manoj style of doing 'different' films. A romantic thriller. Nice one!

15th May
Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Take 2: The much awaited series is back but this time online. Despite the obvious comparison to the previous season, it is such a relief to find that the quality hasn't dipped at all. All the actors, despite a 11 year gap don't seem to have aged a bit and continue to be as goofily lovable as before.

24th May
Had to go to a place close to Shopper's Stop and obviously dropped in at Shopper's Stop! The excuse was the left over credit note of 400/- But when I went there, I obviously went looking around for a good hour. I was amazed at the collections there. I had bought my last dress at Shopper's Stop at GVK but compared to that, this place seems to have double the range. So, next time, I buy a dress, it is going to be here.
Bought blue color matching leggings for the dress bought for last birthday in Bangalore!
After that, I started walking and saw that Heart Cup Coffee was close by. I had  planned to be there for a long time and now that it is so close to my home, I dropped in. The loud throbbing music set the mood.

I discovered that Wednesdays were Ladies Nights and the drinks were on the house. Wasted on someone like me! I ordered a mocktail and was enjoying it when the host of the evening, Sharon, asked me if I'd like to make my own drink. I was smiling at this opportunity and very tentatively, with the help of the bartender made my own virgin mojito. Loved the experience, bless this so- enthusiastic and warm Sharon!
Feel good and nice about this experience of immense freedom!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Vinod Khanna

70 is too young to die, man!
I was a little too young to remember the beginning of Vinod Khanna's journey in movies but I grew up watching him in his different avatars in movies of various genres.
For me personally, there  were and are only three MEN in Hindi cinema: Sunil Dutt,Vinod Khanna and Dharmender. None before and none after qualify to be the quintessential macho man. No 6-pack/8-pack nonsense with these men. These were men, tall, good looking with great, firm bodies: physiques that would set many a heart aflutter. Girls swore by Khanna's handsomeness.
I read recently about a journalist writing about how he never got his due. This is oh-so-wrong! Through my teenage years I remember the close rivalry between Amitabh Bachchan and Vinod Khanna so well. Both were at the peaks of their career. And Vinod Khanna acted in many movies reveling in the fame and adulation they brought. So it is not right to say that he wasn't appreciated. His stardom was perhaps second only to Rajesh Khanna's.
It was then that, breaking crores of hearts, he quit everything to join Osho, his spiritual guru. I remember that so well. We were all so disheartened, unable to understand his decision, about how someone can just throw away everything like that in pursuit of spiritual fulfillment.

What is this handsome hunk doing in the garb of a sanyasi?
But later, when I grew a little older I understood how courageous one needs to be to follow one's heart.
This action, in tandem with Rajesh Khanna's declining stardom, left the field clear for the rise of Amitabh Bachchan and many of his mediocre angry-young-man movies.
He was a young 35-year old in 1982 when he quit films. At an age when people are poised for greater things in life, he so easily gave up everything! After the 5-year hiatus, the comeback was never the same. Five years is a big time in one's career, more so in films where an actor has a limited shelf life. Despite not finding his niche back, he worked and kept working till his death. He is said to be one of the most dignified and professional people on sets.
His death, a little too soon at 70, may not have been painless but at least he lived the life of his choice.

Define Cool!
Image courtesy: Google Images

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Mann mein doosara laddoo phoota?!

Kismet...what else can describe today's incident?
I had to attend to some work at the bank and I was putting it off for some time. The super-hot sun blazing away at 43° makes sure I confine myself to the cool interiors most of the time.
But then I went today as I had to get this work done. There was a queue and I decided to check the attached ATM meanwhile...rather reluctantly and with a certainty that there will be, as usual, no cash.
Since 8th November 2016, this has been the fate of the common man...running from ATM to ATM hoping to lay hands on some cash.
The ATMs are once again drying up after a short period of availability a month ago. Ironically, I haven't been able to draw money from the ATM of this bank (which is my main account) since November. And therefore, when I tried, I tried with really very little hope. And lo and behold! There was cash!
I typed 5500. It rejected suggesting that I draw 4000/- . The usual story, I thought...dispensing 2 two thousand rupee notes. Sigh! With the no-cash-no-change dictum presently in India, I despaired thinking of how to pay my tailor today.
I tried at another machine hoping to get 500 rupee notes. It rejected again with a suggestion of drawing 4000/ . With no other go, I typed in 4000 and guess what? I got 40 x Rs.100 notes! Can you believe that? For the first time, no 2000s or 500s but the whole of 4000 in 100s!
While I was smiling away gloriously, this guy standing at the next machine was muttering...'getting 100s only, want 2000 rupee notes.'
Man mein doosara laddu phoota! I was carrying the only cash I had at home...a 2000 rupee note and offered it to him. I watched with a gluttonous rapture as he counted, 1...2...3...4...20 of the limited edition. I wish I had another 2000 to exchange for that bundle of 20 x 100s that he was holding!

Am I not today?! 6000 rupees of spendable money in hand!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Daily tit-bits: April 2017

17th April
Bought the first huge ripe mango of the season.
Discovered that Revanth is a Brahmin and Rohith isnt! Surprising. I thought it was vice-versa.

Started watching a serial again! "Karle tu bhi mohabbat". Again my favorite jodi, Ram and Sakshi
What is this weather? 45 degrees...feels like 41! So hot, so soon. May is still waiting to happen.
When in Toronto we had temperatures like 5 degrees, feels like 0!

Of a crazy total of 7.5 mg of Glimepride per day, knocked off 4 mg today as the tablet got over and I could not replace it in time, The surprising effect is, I feel so normal today. No weakness...nothing! Realized that it is taking of all those medicines that were effecting me all these days. 3 months of weakness...just gone like that! Need to concentrate more on yoga and exercises now. Need to do it unfailingly and reduce dependence on medicines to as far an extent as possible. Yes, I can do it!

Went to the bank today. I went at 11ish hoping to reach home by 12. But the queues inside made me wait till 1pm and when I came out, the scooty handles and the seat had heated up so much that it was very tough holding them and driving back.
Heat alert on in Hyderabad for the next three days! The summer has set in early this year

Gave dress to tailor on 4th and yet to receive it from her. She has made a mess of the dress and moreover takes three weeks to deliver. I don't think I should go to Devi tailor any more. Meanwhile, luckily gave another dress to Jawed and he has not only done it on time without any calls/reminders but redid it also within a day's time. At least one dress is ready for the birthday! Happy me!
Watched just the three free episodes of "kalre tu bhi mohabbat". After that it is paid episodes. Did Ekta kapoor actually think people will PAY and watch serials?! Crazy! Who would? This idea of webisodes may not work.
Started a total of 5.5 mg of Glimepride for last two days with 1500 mg of Metformin and this combination seems to be working fine. Don't feel that weakness. Need to test now to see if it is also helping control blood sugar,

Saw Saheb, Biwi aur Ganster Returns (2013). If the sequel could be so intriguing, I wonder what part1 would have been like.Plot within plot, unpredictable twists ad turns and a surprise ending. What power-house performances! Now, can't wait to watch the first part.
To offset that movie watched a thoroughly commercial flick, Telugu movie Temper (2015). Enjoyed the loud, melodramatic, dishoom-dishoom,heroine-not needed kind of movie. Entertaining to the core :)
Also caught Begum Jaan. Groan! What melodramatic OTT performances! Gosh! The film had such potential. May seem cruel to say this but Vidya Balan,time to take a break, lady! Come back in a new avataar.

My Birthday! Started celebrating it again about 5 years back after a long hiatus.
Searched a lot for which restaurant to visit. As I eat out rarely, I always try and visit a new one but this time I didnt want to risk going to a bad one on my birthday and opted for a known one. Visited Exotica on Banjara Hills. Indian cuisine. No item was bad though there was not a great range. But it is okay. I can anyway just have a bite of each of the items. Post-lunch I allowed myself to walk through the little space in the outside dining section enjoying what little natural ambiance is allowed in the space the size of your hand! Tummy and mind full, I went to GVK mall, planning to do some window shopping till my next place of visit . Tried a few clothes and without a plan to, bought a top. I never spend more than 1000-1500 on a dress for myself but this time ended up buying a top weighing about 10 gms (exaggerating, of course) for 1600..the max I spent on a dress for myself!
My next destination was La Makaan. Wanted to visit this place for a very long time and finally had the opportunity to. I walked the 350 meters to La Makaan from GVK and found it exactly as I had imagined it to be. GVK mall had the teas and coffees going for the usual prices of 150-180 etc. La Makaan offered the same for 10/- and the taste was just awesome! I had heard the samosas there were great and when I went to buy, I found why. The cook there was an Oriya guy and brought the taste of Orissa to them. Bought two at 5/- apiece. As I bit into it, the forgotten tastes of Orissa hit my taste buds. Awesome! Then I went down to the open space which hosts events. There were some plastic chairs and tables strewn around. People were sitting around chatting. But there was an atmosphere...if you understand...something that said this is where the creative juices flow...of people who think from heart.
Not happy about being alone there, I joined a couple of men chatting among themselves and discovered that both of them were associated with films: one a writer and the other an editor. Had a long chat with them and discovered many interesting things about behind the screens' happenings. Meanwhile, we were joined by an aspiring actor too...adding another angle to the behind the screens happening in films.
Even with nothing to do there, I found the place so enrapturing. Ideal to go to with a close friend, let your hair down as you gulp down those awesome samosas and chai.
Doing all that I planned to do and more left me with a very serene feeling. Was happy, happy at the end of it all.

Had wiped the top of the old fridge which was gathering dust lying in a corner of the house. I had forgotten all about my dust allergy and had suffered the whole night without sleep as I was hit with a very bad cold. Despite that, I had to go and buy mangoes for pickle preparation.
Discovered after going to Monda market that it was amavasya, a time when the market would not have many sellers and so bought from one of the two vendors selling mangoes.
Doing it alone, it took me two hours to wipe and clean each piece and remove the plastic sheet kind of layer from the inside of each piece. This made me sleep quite late in the night. But the cold having abated (after making me suffer for two consecutive nights), I slept well today.

Have been feeling weak since morning. All I managed to do was to get up and make the pickle. Have put it in a big dabba, After three days, need to stir it again and store it away in the big ceramic jar till next April.

Learned the trick to ironing clothes properly. When I see my sis in law ironing so many clothes of the entire family, I thought, could I not do just the few I have? Learned to wet them well , roll them and keep it aside for some time. When all layers are damp, iron them. And they come out quite stiff and nice...unlike last week's attempt at wetting and ironing them instantly. Also proud that I had the sense to put a cloth over the tens of teeny-weeny mirrors stuck on the dress...taking care not to burn them like the isthriwla had done some time back.
Watched Kanjeevaram (Tamil) movie. I know that the story and the actors within are fantastic but it is definitely not a mood lifter, especially with its pessimistic end :(
Went out today at 11.45 as it was a little cloudy but it took about an hour to come back. After lunch, when I got onto bed, discovered that the cold had returned again! Was it because I went outdoors and got exposed to dust again? Had worn the mask though...Finally, got the blue dress given for stitching on the 4th of April. Had wanted to wear it for the birthday...ended up wearing something else!
Second salary from the new company I joined got credited! Happy me :)